With solid trust in the high standards and dedication of the composers, performers, educators and scholars that comprise Puerto Rico’s musical community, residents on the island and abroad, the mission followed by Sonamens Puerto Rico is to undertake the provision of means for the creation of music, its performance and its study.


Our non-profit organization’s vision consists in creating spaces, channels and activities that promote musical composition and its public exposition, as well as its scholarly study, divulging of the high capacity of Puerto Rican talent and infrastructure to the general public in Puerto Rico and abroad, as well as aiding its communication and exchange with individuals, institutions and collectives from the international music scene.


· Organize activities that promote new music composition.
· Organize events that promote the performance of contemporary music by musicians in Puerto Rico and abroad.
· Organize events that promote the study of new music and engages debate about its social impact, business models, disciplinary challenges and stylistic directions.
· Establish channels of communication, exchange and debate between Puerto Rico’s musical community and other artistic and academic disciplines.
· Organize educational programs about musical composition, its study and its performance.
· Organize events that expose Puerto Rico’s native music and the musical styles that are performed.


· Fermín Segarra Vázquez, President
· Socorro Rivas Rodríguez, Vice-President
· Emanuel Dufrasne González, Secretary
· Radamés Peña Plá, Vocal


· José Javier Peña Aguayo, Director and President

· María Elena Solanes Lechiguero, Secretary and Treasurer


Types of enrollment

Consult registration dates in the Guidelines
  • Students enrolled as attending will have access to master class sessions, lectures and debates, as well as our concerts.
Tuition: $700 USD
  • Options for enrolling in individual master class sessions and lectures, as well as a a package of specific sessions.
Tuitions: $40 USD to $25 USD

Sonamens Puerto Rico Incorporated
Calle Sol 318 - San Juan, PR 00901