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A meeting for young Composers

Sonamens Puerto Rico summons young composers worldwide to participate in its musical composition course.
Students can partake in master classes and lectures conducted by our guest composers, rehearse their compositions with our soloists and groups, listen to their works performed in one of our eight concerts and watch debates with scholars and composers about morphologies, competences and exchanges among popular, commercial and concert music.

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An encounter for new music

Sonamens Puerto Rico is conceived as an annual event about the creation, performance and study of new music from the most diverse perspectives of current times, and facing its challenges in the fields of business, technology and education.
We present Puerto Rico as its venue, for its own interest as well as as for its vast human and cultural resources, infrastructure and as a crossroads for the ways of historically collaborating cultures: Latin America, North America and Europe.
This summit –gathering composers, performers, scholars and cultural professionals and administrators from all over the world– will be comprised of concerts, educational programs, academic debates and conferences.

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Popular / Pop

The theme around which will derive he different activities –which bear the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music as headquarters– and its main profiles, will face the morphologies, differentiations and interchanges among folkloric, commercial and “Classical” musical disciplines.
Our goal brings forth debating about the effects and social impact of the agonistic discourse and coexistence among these musical perspectives that may reside at the heart of the diversity found in the musical activity worldwide.
Our scholars, educators and performers will undertake this debate at the confines of the challenges certain disciplines face in their exposition to the audiences and in business and exposition models with which they are achieved.


It all happens June 11 through June 22, 2019

What will we do?


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Master Classes

The main educational attraction will be comprised of master classes of up to two (2) hours. Most of these will be composition master classes, in which presentation, study and discussion of works composed by students enrolled in the summit’s educational program. This first summit will also hold a guitar master class conducted by Maestro Leo Brouwer.

Lectures and Debate Panels

Guest composers and the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music’s academic community will engage individual artistic points of view of the summit’s main theme and debate about the present and future of musical composition that is is related with the exchange among diverse musical styles.

Supervised Rehearsals

Enrolled students will have the opportunity of rehearsing their works with performers composer-performers and guest composers in supervised rehearsals of their music.


There will be a total of eight (8) concerts performed by soloists and groups from Puerto Rico and abroad featuring music by enrolled students, Puerto Rican composers and resident composers, and the summit’s guest composers.

Informal Evening Gatherings

Post-concert gatherings featuring folkloric and/or popular music, informal talks, food and drink.

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Know us


(La Habana, 1939)
Leo Brouwer

The renowned composer, guitarist, conductor and cultural organizer celebrates his 80th birthday with several educational activities, work commissions and festivals all over the world. It is with much enthusiasm that we welcome him to Sonamens for his work in composition and guitar master classes, and as a composer in whose music historic and current folk styles have always been present.

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(Canóvanas, 1954)
Alfonso Fuentes

The renowned composer and pianist ,and professor at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music will conduct composition master classes. Following his recent premieres in China and the release of his latest recording as a pianist, he will also share his expertise in improvisation.

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(La Habana, 1943)
Tania León

The renowned and prized composer, conductor, scholar and academic organizer, will teach composition master classes and talk about her work. Professor at CUNY-Brooklyn college, she has also maintained a constant exchange between her academic education and her native folk styles.

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(Vega Baja, 1953)
Roberto Sierra

The renowned and prized composer, scholar and professor at Cornell University will impart composition master classes and lecture about his style, which branches from concert art music towards tropical and international folk styles.

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(Madrid, 1961)
Mauricio Sotelo

The renowned composer, conductor and professor at ESMUC-Pompeu Fabra University will share his philosophies about memory, stylistic submersion and cooperation with performers as foundations for musical composition, and will also talk about his work in which modern europeans styles coexist with flamenco.

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Performers, concert-conferences and supervised essays

Manuel Ceide, director
Alea 21

The resident contemporary music group for the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music will offer a conference-concert directed by composer and scholar Manuel Ceide.

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Jenny Guerra, violín
Elena Solanes, violoncello
Carlos Apellániz, piano
B3:Brouwer Trio

Internationally acclaimed piano trio with ample discography, specialized in Iberian-American new music in several technological and artistic media.

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Felipe Rodríguez Guzmán, director
Borinquen Brass

Dynamic brass and percussion ensemble comprised of some of the top brass and percussion performers in Puerto Rico.

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Alberto Rodríguez Ortiz

Active and versatile composer and guitarist with ample discography and international trajectory.

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Orfeón San Juan Bautista

One of the top choral institutions in Puerto Rico, conducted by composer and conductor Guarionex Morales.

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Carlos Carrillo, director
Sinfonietta del Sur

Directed by composer and professor at Illinois University at Urbana-Champaign, Carlos Carrillo, this group unites some or the top professional performers in Puerto Rico.

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Debate panels

The academic faculty at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music will participate along invited scholars and composers in debate panels about diverse points of view towards the central theme of the summit.

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Send an e-mail to: info@sonamens.com and we will get in touch.

Types of enrollment

Consult registration dates in the Guidelines
  • Students enrolled as attending will have access to master class sessions, lectures and debates, as well as our concerts.
Tuition: $700 USD
  • Options for enrolling in individual master class sessions and lectures, as well as a a package of specific sessions.
Tuitions: $40 USD to $25 USD

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